About ArtBeat

ArtBeat 2015 launch party

Free and local arts events

ArtBeat is the Clarendon Park Community Arts Festival. The festival is coordinated by a group of local people looking to organise free public events using local talent.

ArtBeat is based in Clarendon Park, Leicester. The 2015 event had a huge range of events including; music, literature, poetry, dance and much more.

The first ArtBeat festival hit the streets of Clarendon Park in June 2014. The team of 11 who organised the first ArtBeat festival grew to 28 volunteers in 2015.

ArtBeat or Art House?

ArtBeat is a separate festival to Art House. Art House is a local open house event to showcase the incredible work of visual artists in the area. To find out more about Art House, click here.

Bringing ArtBeat to life

More volunteers are always welcome! The festival is entirely organised by volunteers. If you have time to help out with tasks such as; the distribution of publicity round the area, planning and staffing at events and other ways we probably haven’t even thought of – please contact info@clarendonpark.net.

As well as the tireless efforts of the organising volunteers, ArtBeat is created thanks to its talented artists, amazing venues, and generous partners and sponsors. Thanks to everyone for making the festival a reality!