ArtBeat 2014 – Day 3

Saturday was definitely a day of two halves as far as the weather was concerned. Grey skies followed by steady, cold rain in the morning. Sunshine and warmth in the afternoon. But the elements had little bearing on turn-out at ArtBeat events where there were healthy numbers throughout.

Three workshops put on by Sir Jonathan North Community Collegeand LDFAS for 8-12 year-olds in photography, art and dance attracted 55 children in all. They all had a terrific time. In the photography session, the children made positive and negative images.

At Friends Meeting House, Jo Hunter led a session attended by families and people of all ages designed to bring out people’s creativity – it certainly did that.

There was a great atmosphere and good numbers for the Pagan Poets session where the hosts generously provided refreshments and music.

Those curious to learn about faith turned up to the Gurdwara for an illuminating talk about Sikhism, spiced with tasty snacks and music – fascinating.

After the early drenching the sun came out to greet the first buskers in Queens Road in almost 30 years – a sax and an accordion outside the post office. They made a sweet sound and their version of Summertime was particularly good – and the sun continued to shine. More, more, more!

Visits to some of the Art House venues showed that numbers are as good as previous years. Lots of positive comments on the way round about the way the two events seem to be adding value and interest in each other.

It was a great treat to be taken back to the melodies of the 1940s and 50s with a singing class resulting in a great rendition of the Doris Day classic The Black Hills of Dakota at Friends Meeting House in the afternoon.