Clarendon Park Film-makers at Create Studios

An Evening with Clarendon Park Film-makers

The brand new ArtBeat Film Strand launches on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd June at Create Studios, Hartopp Road.

About the Clarendon Park Film-makers

A group of extremely talented Clarendon Park film-makers will show a selection of their films and chat with the audience about the work. The final programme is still coming together, but here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect on the night. Makers include:

Bill Newsinger is a man of many filmic talents including documentary making, video production and producing his own music for his films. Bill enthuses that “film-making is a fantastic medium for telling stories and sharing messages.” Amongst his many works, Bill has made a fantastic series of films about Clarendon Park’s own Queens Road Allotments entitled “Not Lost the Plot“.

Maria Collingham is a local visual artist, whose paintings have been displayed at the Open 27 Exhibition at Leicester Museum. Her film “Home” has been made in collaboration with Dr. Matt Kerry, lecturer in film at Nottingham Trent University. As you may expect from a visual artist, Maria’s work reflects a deep interest in the colour, mood and texture of film.

Michael Lane is the driving force behind ArtBeat Film and a Clarendon Park resident. Michael uses film mainly to tell stories. He enjoys creating a fresh approach with each film. His solo piece, “Some Questions, Like Ghosts, Haunt” won a Highly Commended Award at Stratford-on-Avon Film Festival 2015. He recently showed “Boxes” a soap opera starring three cardboard boxes at the Five Lamps Film Showings in Derby. For the ArtBeat Film Night, Michael will be showing, “Dream of a Tender Robbery“, a romance taking place during a bank robbery.

Film-makers are still joining us! We are in talks with Matt Holt and Clare Speller, who are local to the area. Stay tuned for details of their interests closer to the time.

Clarendon Park Film-makers Trailer

ArtBeat Filmmakers Their Treasures Shared from Michael Lane on Vimeo.

Michael Lane ArtBeat Film

Introducing Film at ArtBeat 2016

This year we’re thrilled to add a new creative element of the arts to the ArtBeat festival: Film. Local film-maker, Michael Lane, generously put his hand up to lead the initiative.

We decided to find out what made him give up his precious time to bring us a festival of Film…

What inspired you to kickstart a film strand at ArtBeat?

I’ve been a local participant at the ArtBeat Festival for a couple of years and thoroughly enjoyed myself. This year, I thought it might be nice to give something back. I noticed that the performance arts section had a couple of areas which could do with some developmental help, like theatre and film. So, I have volunteered to launch a film strand into ArtBeat.

What’s your background with film and film-making?

I’ve loved films since I was a boy. I went to the Saturday Morning Flicks at the Trocadero and the excitement of watching moving images in the dark has never left. My day job as a Drama Teacher felt like a natural follow on from that initial energy.

I have retired now and can give more time over to a lifetime interest. Now I’m a member of the ‘7/5 film-makers group based at Phoenix Leicester and I make a short narrative film a year.

Last year, my film Some Questions, Like Ghosts, Haunt received a Highly Commended award at the Stratford-upon-Avon film festival. I’ve just screened my film Captured at Phoenix. At the end of March I’ve been invited to present a new work BOXES! at the Five Ways Screenings in Derby. And I’m due for a reading of my latest script The Arrangement – A love story this week with a view to filming in the Autumn.

I like switching roles too. All the films listed I’ve written and some I’ve acted in, others produced. I see it as a field of creative endeavour and enjoy all different aspects.

How can local film-makers get involved?

This year is an experiment to see if I’m right that the gap in performance art can be filled so I’m keeping it low-key for now. We have a couple of opportunities for Clarendon Park film-makers and film enthusiasts.

If there are any film-makers in Clarendon Park who would like their work to be shown to a local audience as part of ArtBeat, please get in touch. We will be displaying these short films in Create Studios on Hartopp Road because it has the perfect ambience to show and chat about film.

I’d also love to hear from any willing participants for a question and answer session. The questions could be about any aspect of the film, presentation fun and problems with making or showing.

If you’re a local film-maker or film enthusiast and are interested in getting involved, please complete the contact form on the website and I’ll be in touch.

What’s your vision for film and film-makers at ArtBeat in the future?

Part of the future will depend on the present; meaning, interested film-makers themselves may wish to take ‘film’ in a direction I haven’t yet thought of and their opinions go into the considerations pot. I’ll know better after June.

The main aim presently is to create a platform on which to build. I can forsee the possibility of an active film-making strand, not just watching evenings. There could be research done on film of historical Clarendon Park; there could be a thematic making spread throughout the year on something central to Clarendon Park-like ‘Shops’.

For me, the tone of ArtBeat is celebratory of the area and that any films shown should have something to celebrate- either the work of the person concerned or some aspect of Clarendon Park itself. The festival itself is young yet and has time to grow organically: the film strand will undoubtedly evolve accordingly.