There are some new events and changes to existing ones. For full details look at the online interactive programme.
NEW!!  All Week:    Labyrinth                                                                              10.00 – 21.00 Friends Meeting House (Garden)
               Wed 21st:   Art to Artefact – Bring your own art materials             18.00 – 20.00 Friends Meeting House (Craft Room)
NEW!! Thu 22nd:   Journeys in Translation Workshop                                  11.30 – 13.30 Friends Meeting House (Library)
NEW!! Thu 22nd:   A Miscellany of Tales, a mixture of stories for adults  19.30 -21.00 Friends Meeting House (Library)
                Fri 23rd:    Tell a Story Poem  (missing from “At a Glance”)           16.30 -18.00 Friends Meeting House (Small Meeting Room)
              Fri 23rd:    Folk Band Night                                                                     20.30 -23.00 Cradock Arms
              Fri 23rd:    Charity Concert in aid of London Fire Relief Fund         19.00 – 20.30 Leicester Prep School

ArtBeat Treasure Hunt

Discover Clarendon Park with the ArtBeat Treasure Hunt.

Suitable for all ages just follow the trail, answer the questions and whoever gets the most right answers wins the prize.

Pick up the questions at Knighton Library or download here.

Start and finish outside Knighton Library on Clarendon Park Road.

All clues are visible without intruding on private areas such as gardens etc. and you do not need to cross London, Welford or Victoria Park Road. Be very careful crossing roads.

There is no hidden treasure (that we know of), simply answer the questions to get points and the team with the most points wins. One point per answer.

Winners will be informed and listed on by Wed 28th June.

Download  ArtBeat Treasure Hunt

Good luck.

Volunteer at ArtBeat 2017

ArtBeat is rapidly approaching, it runs from Friday 16th June to Sunday 25th June, and we’re looking for volunteers to help at events.

You can volunteer for one event, one day, one weekend or even the whole festival – whatever fits into your life. Most events are at weekends and it should be a lot of fun.

We hold events in a variety of venues, such as pubs, restaurants, church halls, outdoors, and private houses. We have music (of all types), dance, film, literary and comedy events, as well as architecture, history, and other cultural subjects. We expect to hold about 40 events.

Your duties would be:

  • to provide information including directions, facilities, and performances and to help festival goers, eg assisting disabled people.

  • to help team members to set up the venue

  • to greet the audience on arrival, to check tickets of those arriving (for ticketed events)

  • to engage with the public to complete questionnaires

  • to help to clear the venue at the end of the performance

  • to assist in arts and crafts activities

  • to work with the event manager to ensure emergencies, medical, fire and security issues are dealt with promptly and safely

  • to be proactive and alert to any potential problems eg a build-up of litter or faulty facilities, to help to prevent overcrowding and be on hand to monitor crowd safety

If you are interested please contact us with the dates and times that you are available. If you have any preferences for type of venue or type of event, then let us know. Have a look at to see previous programmes.

We look forward to hearing from you. The festival cannot go on without you, and we think you’ll enjoy it.

Use the contact  page to register your interest or for more information.

ArtBeat 2017 is coming

It’s four and a half months until the start of ArtBeat 2017 on Friday 16th June.
Clear your diaries and prepare yourselves for the best ArtBeat that Clarendon Park has seen. We have lot’s of of music, dance, film and comedy events for you to watch or take part in.

See you there.


ArtBeat 2017 June 16th to 25th