Young buskers on their ukes at ArtBeat

Clarendon Park Buskers: Tune Up!

Buskers at ArtBeat, Clarendon Park, LeicesterArtBeat wouldn’t be ArtBeat without buskers bringing sweet music to the streets of Clarendon Park. You’ll discover music of all sorts along Queens Road and Clarendon Park Road (and maybe elsewhere) during both weekends of the festival.

Busking at Clarendon Park Summer Fair

ArtBeat 2016 coincides with the Clarendon Park Summer Fair on Sunday 19th June. This opens up a prime busking spot at the junction of Queens Road and Cecilia Road due to the road closures. Let’s keep this spot busy during the fair (11am to 5pm). If you’re interested in playing during the fair day, drop us a line and we’ll work out a schedule.

Local Busking Talent Wanted

We’re looking for local musicians of all kinds who are willing to make a public exhibition of their talents. Whether you’re a plucking amazing guitarist, a super saxophonist or hot stuff on the ivories, come along and entertain the good folks of Clarendon Park. We’ll make the streets a musical feast for ArtBeat 2016.

There are no limits when it comes to age, gender or genre. All buskers are welcome so start working on your set today.

Buskers’ Etiquette

For details of suggested busking spots, time slots and ArtBeat buskers’ etiquette, check out our ArtBeat 2016 busking guidelines.

More Music at ArtBeat 2016

If the talents of the ArtBeat buskers have whet you’r appetite, you’ll discover lots more music around Clarendon Park at this year’s festival.Whether your tastes run to rap, folk, classical, blues, jazz or good old acoustic guitar, there’s a sound for you. For a full list of all the music events, check out the online festival programme.