Summer Sandals

Glorious June

So June arrived on Monday and its wake the wind and the rain. But the forecast is bright and sunny just in time for ArtBeat. Only three weeks to go and we are all very excited.

Over the coming period until the launch on Friday 19th June, I will be using the blog to alert you to news, observations and conversations about the festival. Innovation and change are the drivers of the arts and the watchwords of creativity. And this in a city whose motto is “semper eadem” – “always the same”. Things don’t stand still with ArtBeat.

New people have come on board and that means new ideas and energy. For example, ArtBeat 2015 will see a wider range of activities and events for children and young people. And poetry as well as music in the streets.

Once the festival gets under way there will be a report on what happens on each of the five days. Of course, I will only be able to savour the events and activities to give a flavour of what is going on. No-one can be in more than one place at a time.

But if the gods look kindly on us as they did last year, the coming days will be bright and sunny and ArtBeat will give the summer the lift-off it needs.