Partners and Sponsors

ArtBeat could not happen without a very high level of co-operation between different partners. Who are these partners and what do they do?

First, there is our main sponsor, Leicester City Council. Through two community funds, one in Castle ward and the other in Knighton, the council makes grants available to help offset our running costs. In particular those of publicity and promotion.

We are grateful for all the donations received from our commercial sponsors. In particular, the retail outlets in Queens Road and Clarendon Park Road. This year our principal event sponsors are Barkers Estate Agents on Queens Road and ZigZag Photography in Portland Road. We also received donations from 24 local retailers. Donations come in the form of cash or in-kind contributions. The sponsors who have donated to date are listed below.

The third group of partners is the faith groups, shops, bars and clubs, community organisations, schools and the university, that make their facilities available as venues for events. This allows us to stage activities in a wide range of locations that are convenient for people to attend. These can be found listed in the Programme section of the website, under 2016 Venue Map.

Then, of course, there are the local artists and performers who are key to making the festival a success – musicians, singers, poets, dancers and so on. Without them, there would not be an arts festival.

And finally, there are the volunteers who provide the glue that binds all the activities, places and people together who plan, organise, administer, chase people up, hire the equipment, ensure that everyone is safe, get the publicity designed, printed and distributed, and even contribute to the website.

These partnerships create the spirit of togetherness that not only makes the festival happen, but also helps to make the community inclusive and generous. It helps to make Clarendon Park such an attractive place to be in, because all the contributions, whether financial or in-kind, amount to a big investment in the quality of community life.

To you all, we say a big THANK YOU.

List of commercial sponsors for the 2016 ArtBeat festival: