ArtBeat 2017 is coming

It’s four and a half months until the start of ArtBeat 2017 on Friday 16th June.
Clear your diaries and prepare yourselves for the best ArtBeat that Clarendon Park has seen. We have lot’s of of music, dance, film and comedy events for you to watch or take part in.

See you there.


ArtBeat 2017 June 16th to 25th

ArtBeat 2016 tango taster classes

Have a go at Tango this ArtBeat Festival

This year we have many opportunities to test out your toes and try new styles at our dance events. Today we’re focusing on our two tango taster sessions.

ArtBeat 2016 Tango Events

ArtBeat 2015 tango taster night at CulturaThis year we have two chances for you to learn some new steps in the Argentine Salon style with Zoe and Darren from Tango Northampton.

Both the events are free, so come along and have a try.

The Tango Taster Class on Saturday 25 June, 1-2pm at Avenue Primary School is a great opportunity to learn some new steps ahead of the Tango and Latino Dance Night on Sunday.

Don’t miss Queens Road’s very own “milonga” Tango and Latino Dance Night on Sunday 26 June, 7:30pm at Cultura. A social Latin dance night featuring Tango and Ceroc, hosted by Tango teachers Darren, Zoe, Anne and friends.

What to Expect

Zoe and Darren led the hugely successful tango night at Cultura last year and are back again to seduce Clarendon Park once more. The buzz in the room was fantastic with about 25 participants dancing their hearts out. Most of the people were beginners and novices, so don’t be afraid to come along and give it a whirl and a twirl.

Sound like something you’d like to try? Or maybe you had such a great time you’ll be back for more! Either way, now’s your chance to twiddle your toes to the most beautiful dance around.

Does it really take two? No way! Come along solo or with friends – no partner necessary to enjoy the ArtBeat taster class or Latin Dance Night. These events are open to all.

About the Instructors

Zoe and Darren have been teaching Tango in Northampton for 3 years. Darren has been dancing Argentine Salon Tango for ten years and Zoe for four. Zoe and Darren have learnt from internationally recognised Salon teachers who teach around the world including in the home of tango: Buenos Aires.

Their Northampton-based club is becoming well established and has a brilliant social scene. We are delighted to have Zoe and Darren here in Leicester to help promote this beautiful dance. If you’re interested in finding out more about local classes, check out Tango Leicester or chat to Zoe and Darren after the taster classes.

Tango History

The internet (Wikipedia) describes tango as: “a dance that has influences from African culture and European. Dances from the candombe ceremonies of former slave peoples helped shape the modern day Tango. The dance originated in lower-class districts of Buenos Aires and Montevideo.”

You can also see some local tango videos on the Leicester Tango website.

Dancing at ArtBeat 2015

ArtBeat 2015 Dance Events

Dancing at ArtBeat 2015Once again, we will be offering great opportunities for people of all ages to get up, face the music, and dance. You could also be lucky enough to catch some inspiring performances.

We are enlisting the help of local dance enthusiasts and teachers to teach some easy steps, and also to showcase what they can do. We will be aiming to repeat the successful formats of last year which delivered friendly and fun learning sessions – and we are going one step further by offering  a dance night.

Tea Dance

An enjoyable trip down memory lane and a sociable afternoon will be hosted at South Lodge. Waltz, quickstep, and other old favourites on offer. A repeat of a successful event last year.


New for this year, a session where dance and fitness are combined. Local Zumba teacher Carol Askew is offering you a chance to come for a taster session with simple steps and easy moves to great music.

Jewish Circle and Folk Dancing

Back by popular demand, Leon Chariker will be leading another session. It’s fun, sociable and easy!

ArtBeat 2014 Bollywood danceTraditional Indian Dance

Nimisha Parma will start her session by showcasing her current students in performance and will then teach some traditional steps, moves and hand gestures.

Latin Dance Taster Classes

In response to requests for Latin dance, we have arranged some free taster lessons in Ceroc and Tango. These will be given by local expert dance teachers who will get you dancing in no time. An opportunity not to be missed, especially as you will be able to dance straight away at the Latin Dance night the following evening.


We are putting on a social dance night with both Latin and rock/jive (Ceroc) beats right on your doorstep at Cultura on Queens Rd. Beginners, enthusiasts and onlookers all welcome. Look out for more details in our programme and posters.

To find out more about these events check out the Festival Programme. There you will see a day-by-day calendar with dates, times, venues and, where appropriate, booking arrangements.